Want to really go all out for Valentine's Day? Then you need to check these places out.

Keep Scrolling to See Where You Should Eat With Your Love

Well we're officially less than a week from Valentine's Day. If you're anything like me, you wait til the last second on this day to get something special for your significant other. Well, if you're more the planning type. You could plan a date at one of the most romantic restaurants in Texas. Open Table just put out the top romantic restaurants in the country. Let's see what they had for Texas.

Truluck's Restaurant

If you're close to a major city in Texas. Truluck's is where a lot of folks will be going for Valentine's Day. They have two locations in Austin, one in Dallas, one in Plano, one in Southlake, and one in The Woodlands. I decided to see what they would be serving for Valentine's Day and here is what is at their Southlake location.


  • Filet Mignon & Cold-Water Lobster Tail garlic butter brushed, parmesan mashed potatoes, asparagus, béarnaise sauce  |  $99
  • Prime Ribeye & Prime King Crab split, 1/2 lb. served hot, garlic butter, lemon, parmesan mashed potatoes, asparagus, béarnaise sauce  |  $130

A little pricey for me, but Valentine's Day is a holiday where you're expected to go all out. Only one other restaurant in Texas made the list for most romantic and this one is a bit of a drive from North Texas.

1011 Bistro-Kerrville, Texas

Unlike our previous entry, 1011 Bistro only has one location over in Kerrville and has way more reasonable prices in my opinion. For instance here is the Filet Mignon at this place.

1011 Bistro Meal

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