Looks like someone broke the first rule of fight club.

All kidding aside, this is nuts. According to NBC DFW, a substitute teacher in Mesquite was fired after it was found that she was encouraging students to fight in class.

The incident happened on Wednesday, April 12 at Kimbrough Middle School. A student secretly filmed 24-year-old Natally Garcia clearing out space and outlining rules for the students to follow. She went as far as to threaten to take phones away from students caught filming and even told a student to watch the door.

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Thankfully, one student was brave enough to risk having their phone taken so the world could witness the absurdity of the situation firsthand.

The Mesquite ISD issued a statement saying Garcia was fired and “is not eligible for rehire in any capacity.” In addition to being canned for organizing the classroom fight club, Garcia was arrested and charged with four counts of endangering a child.

Let that be a lesson to any teacher out there who has the bright idea to encourage their students to fight in the classroom. Because the last time I checked, teachers were supposed to be breaking up fights, not organizing them.


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