I have literally zero remorse for this girl. You deserve this 100 percent!

This Girl Learned, "When You F*** Around, You're Gonna Find Out

Nothing like a good swift kick in the ass from karma for an Oklahoma Sooners fan. I have said before, I do not care about college football. The most patethic thing in college football is the Horns Down that Oklahoma Sooners fans do. Why? They do it EVERY game! Playing in the Red River Showdown, go nuts Sooner fans. Do the horns down all day. When you're playing Oklahoma State and doing it...pathetic.

Horns Down in Front of a Texas Longhorn

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So this girl was at some sort of farm with her Sooners jersey and decided to do the 'Horns Down' in front of an actual Texas Longhorn. This may not be Bevo the actual Texas Longhorns mascot, but Bevo get ready to lose your job because this Longhorn wasn't taking this s***.

Whacks that Girl With the Horn!

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HAHA! You idiot! You deserve it and I hope you got a nice concussion, but doing horns down in front of an actual longhorn. You probably don't have that many brain cells to begin with, probably still enough to get into Oklahoma University though.

The Face of Regret

attachment-Screenshot 2023-11-07 101837

Yeah, you f***ed around and found out that longhorns stick together. My only complaint with this video is that we didn't get a Mortal Kombat style fatality with the horn going through her stupid face.


Watch The Oklahoma Girl Regret Doing the Horns Down Below

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