Buc-ee's is already a must stop on a road trip and for certain drivers. It just got even better.

Buc-ee's and Mercedes Benz Announce Collaboration

We already know certain guarantees when you pull into a Buc-ee's. Clean bathrooms, amazing food, and plenty of gas pumps. This has been true for decades at this point, but Buc-ee's is adapting with the times. Thanks to a new partnership with Mercedes Benz, charging networks will be coming to a vast majority of Buc-ee's locations.

This is What a Mercedes Benz Charging Network Looks Like

The next time you pull into a Buc-ee's in 2024, don't be shocked to see one of these things in the parking lot. Although an official statement on which Buc-ee's locations will be getting these installed has not been released. A press release states that locations in Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia Buc-ee's will be getting these over the next few months.

How Does it Work?

Here is the big question you probably want answered. Do I have to drive a Mercedes Benz electric vehicle to use a Mercedes Benz charging station. The good answer for you is NO. That's right, these charging stations will be universal for all electric vehicle owners. Mercedes Benz says if you pull up on a 10% charge, they can get you to 80% in just twenty minutes.

In my opinion, a win-win for Buc-ee's. They get a new customer base stopping in, plus with them having to be there for twenty minutes to get at least an 80% charge. This means they can stay and shop longer. Buc-ee's will be rolling in the dough in my opinion, but we will wait and see how it plays out. Mercedes Benz says they want to have one of the biggest charging networks in the country by 2034. Partnering with Buc-ee's, a very smart move in my opinion.

Five Great Locations for Buc-ee's in Wichita Falls

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Texas Family Went to EVERY Buc-ee's in Texas

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