Crazy Fight at Dallas 7-11: Wet Floor Sign Goes Flying!

One wild night at a 7-11 in Dallas turned into something straight out of a movie. It all started with a fight between two people near the checkout counter.

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Things got out of hand fast. One of them grabbed a wet floor sign and threw it across the store!

Cleanup on Aisle One

The video opens in the middle of the action. A couple of rascals are wrestling around at the counter at a 7-11 in Dallas, Texas. One fellow in a black shirt is ramming another fellow in a bright yellow shirt's face into said counter.


Caution Wet Floor

The guy in the yellow shirt manages to push the other fellow off of him and decides to turn the tides by wielding a wet floor sign that happens to be the exact same color as his shirt.


Hit With a Foreign Object

The rascal in the yellow shirt then proceeds to wack the man in the black shirt over the head with the wet floor sign. It makes a loud pop as the plastic connects with his skull.


As the man in the black shirt leaves, the wet floor yielding man takes one more swipe at his head, put thankfully this one misses within inches.

Check out the video below:

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