We are so fortunate to live in the great state of Texas for so many reasons but one of the best things about living here is all the delicious food options. And it’s not just one certain thing, all foods are represented in Texas and they’re all done very well. Obviously, Texas barbecue has created a huge name for itself, but the seafood, Mexican food, and down-home comfort food is so good too. The fantastic food options are endless in the lone star state.

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We could spend all day talking about all the delicious food options in the state of Texas. But I will admit I was shocked to not find one Mexican restaurant make the list of the oldest restaurants in the state of Texas. But you know for any restaurant to make this list, all these locations must be making delicious food options for their customers, so I really want to try all these restaurants now. This could be your Texas restaurant bucket list.  

List of Oldest Restaurants in Texas Goes Back More Than 150 Years  

While looking at the oldest restaurants in Texas the list begins in 1947 but dates all the way back to 1866. If a restaurant has been open for 156 years you know they are doing things the right way to make customers come back for more.  

How Many of the 10 Oldest Restaurants in Texas Have You Visited?  

I’m disappointed that I have only visited one restaurant on this list. Sounds like I need to set some more road trips to visit more of these iconic restaurants around Texas. Here is the list of the 10 oldest restaurants in the great state of Texas: 

10 Oldest Restaurants in Texas

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9 Tyler Restaurants That Could Be the Most Famous in Texas

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