In Texas people are good at lots of things, we have kind and intelligent people here in the Lone Star State. But there is something that changes when people get behind the wheel in Texas, it’s like most people believe they are NASCAR drivers and think there is a prize if they arrive at their destination quickly. But we know there are law enforcement officers all over Texas that are ready and willing to remind us of when we break a law when driving in Texas. So, let’s look at the most common driving violations in Texas. 

Texas Traffic Violations

Sure, it’s common to find people in Texas that have a bit of a speeding problem but that is similar to so many places across the country. But it’s sad that we have to continue to learn these lessons as thousands of people are killed every year due to speeding or not wearing a seat belt. We need to do a better job of staying safe and not putting people around us in danger. It’s crazy how many people still drink and drive even with all of the ridesharing apps available.  

Being in a Rush Leads to Accidents Behind the Wheel 

The only accident I have ever caused in my life was because I was rushing to get somewhere, it was such a dumb mistake that ended up costing me too much in insurance costs. Slow down and drive safely, it’s not worth putting your friends or family in danger to get somewhere two minutes faster. 

Let’s Look at the Most Common Driving Violations 

Here is a look at the most common driving violations that take place in Texas. 

Top 10 Driving Violations for Texas

Here is a look at the most common driving violations in the state of Texas

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