Yep, this just might be better than Christmas. That is, as long as someone bakes a German Chocolate Cake for you.

Growing up in a family that liked to eat cake was a glorious thing. My mom had 4 sisters and when a kids birthday rolled around it was common practice to bake a cake.

My dad, whose birthday was the following week, would always seem to get his favorite Strawberry Shortcake on my birthday. Which is fine. If you melt some vanilla ice cream on top of all the strawberries, it's a very edible cake.

My dad's other favorite cake, Red Velvet, would also make an appearance on my birthday. I really didn't mind. Also, a damn fine cake.

But it wasn't a good birthday unless someone made a German Chocolate cake for me.

It's my all time favorite hands down. Good news chocolites. It's National German Chocolate Cake day.

Surprisingly, it wasn't invented in Germany. Turns out American Sam German made a dark baking chocolate in 1852. As a way of saying thanks, the American Bakers Chocolate Company named a brand after him.

Then in 1957, a recipe popped up in the Dallas Morning Star for a "German's Chocolate Cake". It was created by a Mrs. George Clay and she used Mr. Germans "Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate in the recipe. It's like if you trace back the first patch of Meth to the original bathtub. Neat.


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