Good news parents. This weekend you can save a little money while shopping for school. But be careful. Like everything, there are rules and exceptions.

The big rule is that items are tax-free as long as they're under $100. So that computer, or car, or even that house, yea, you're paying taxes on that stuff. Now if you buy a couple of clothing items that are say $75, both of those items will be tax-free even though the total will be over a $100.

The question I had was, "What if I buy a jacket that's $125? Do I pay tax on the whole $125, or is the first $100 tax-free?"

Yea, sorry. You're getting taxed on the whole $125 dollar nut.

Then you have to pay attention to the fine print. For example, backpacks for kids are exempt, but if you get a big boy backpack...BAM! TAXED!

If you have to buy accessories for sports, best pay attention to the exempt list.

Baseball caps and jerseys are tax exempt, but cleats, gloves, and pants are taxable.

Belt buckles are taxable, unless they come attached to a belt; then they're exempt.

Boots. You ready? Here we go. General purpose boots are exempt. Also cowboy and hiking boots, but climbing, rubber work boots, and ski boots are taxable.

After looking at the example list, I've decided that it's not worth it to save a little over $8 on every $100. But then, I don't have kids. Good luck, parents. Happy shopping.


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