If you ever wondered what happened to the "con man", well, he went to work for television.

Back in April The Travel Channel debuted a new series called "In Search of Monsters". Their first episode had to deal with Bigfoot.

Well, this was a look at Bigfoot like never before. In fact,(used very loosely), they named the 8 best places to get a look at Bigfoot. Shocker time. Number 8 was Texas.

To be more specific, East Texas. Yea, you just knew. Texas has 806 sightings. Pretty impressive for a state that still thinks marijuana is bad for you.

One of the most horrifying encounters comes from a hunter in Panola County. Claims were made that, while Hog Hunting, he saw Bigfoot leap out of the woods, and grab a hog. He then stared directly at said hunter and growled. I'm guessing it was the growling that made the hunter freeze. instead of, you know, shooting what would've been the biggest discovery ever.

Other states that made the list were...

Oregon with 1,009 sightings.

Ohio with 1,042 sightings.

New York, 1,068

Michigan with 1,131 sightings.

Pennsylvania, 1,340.

California with 1,697 sightings.

And of course, Washington State with 2,032 sightings.

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