Sure they live in a different country, but surely they're fans of sugar. Maybe not.

Someone had a bunch of Irish people give our Halloween candy a try. Now, of course they didn't try the good stuff. God knows we'd never send the good stuff to a another country. That would be a nice thing, and we can't have that.

They started off trying a kiss, that is to say, a Pumpkin Spice flavored kiss.

Personally, I think that's just mean. I'm from America and I don't even eat that crap. They start off comparing it to candles and nipples. Lovely.

Next up was M&M's. A flavor I, again, would never eat. Boo-Terscotch. Sweet Mary and Joseph. Why!?

Surprisingly they're not ready to go to war with us. But now we give them Oreo cookies. Wait, not good Oreos, these are Candy Corn flavored Oreos. Wow, I don't even think they served them at Guantanamo Bay for God's sake. It was at this point that one lad asked for an apple. Who can blame him really.

You want an apple? Fine, here are some Caramel Apple Flavoured Twizzlers. Yea, right, that's not the same.

They finished the torture with Pop Rocks. Of course. Obviously they didn't have a claymore handy.



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