Hang on, hang on: did I just hear the bread that Subway makes their sandwiches on isn't really bread at all? That's the ruling from Ireland's Supreme Court.

The Court rules that it's not legally defined as bread since the sugar content is so high.

According to the BBC, the ruling was made after a several years long battle by Bookfinders Ltd., who own the Irish Subways franchises and were trying to get refunds on value added tax payments.

Brookfinders says that certain items were not liable for the value-added tax, including teas, coffees and heated sandwiches. The court ruled that the bread sold by Subway has so much sugar in it that it's not considered as "staple food," which is not taxed.

According to the report from KXXV, Channel 25, the judgement says that Subway's bread is made up of 10% sugar, which exceeds the 2% that is specified in the law, and that makes it a confectionery or fancy baked good, not a staple food. So they don't qualify for the value added tax refund they were trying to get.

Subway bread is classified as "cake", basically.

Yea... mind blown!

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