One of the most popular Christmas gifts this past year is reporting some melting issues.

Time to check your Instant Pot. The company said on it's Facebook page that they have received some complaints that peoples pots are melting.

They have many models, but the one that has had the "melting" issues is the GEM 65 8-IN-1 Multicooker. The batchcodes are 1728, 1730, 1731,1734, and 1746.

To check your device for the batchcode, look for the silver label on the bottom of the cooker. The batchcode is the 40 digit number on the bottom right of the label. (IF it's burned off, then you got a bad one.) If you've got one of the above numbers the company says to "immediately stop use of the product" and contact them.

It's the one that looks like a Slow Cooker. The other, round, models, or Pressure Cookers, seem to be doing O.K.



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