Being fat, this is an odd idea to me, but some of you might find this enjoyable.

The weather is pretty wet and crappy for the candy holiday.  That means the candy you bought to hand out to the trick or treaters might be still hanging out in the bag. Sure, you can pull up Netflix and bing, or you can take it to the next level.

Again, Fat. I would be binging on the Netflix till I puked. But I will admit, this video has some good ideas.

I hate hard candy. I was born without 5 permanent teeth so I've had baby teeth capped the first time I went to the dentist. I was told that the caps were not permanent. Sooner or later the teeth would fail and I would be left with a missing tooth. With that hanging over me, the last thing I wanted to do was to bite down on hard candy. This video shows a way to entertain with Aquarium cookies. But, it's still hard candy.

The one I would try, and I'm surprised at myself, but the candy corn trick. They say everything is better with peanut butter, but to improve candy corn. Man that's a challenge. I'll admit, it did look good.

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