No lumps, no tumor? Not necessarily.

Part of my job now as a DJ is to scan the internet to find items that would, could, or should, interest our audience. When I found this story, I had to share.

WFAA reports the story of Jennifer Cordts. Jennifer noticed some redness on the side of her breast two years ago. It looked a little like a sunburn. It wasn't a lump, but she still went in for a mammogram. It came back negative, but the "rash" didn't go away.

That's when she Googled "red spot on breast". What came up was IBC, Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Medical people will tell you that you really shouldn't Google medical symptoms, as you'll just end up scaring yourself. But, Jennifer went in for a biopsy and the Google search was right.

Jennifer had IBC, which is a very rare form of breast cancer. It's accounts for 1 to 5 percent of all breast cancer diagnoses in the U.S. By the time of diagnosis the cancer is already at a stage III or IV. It's also a breast cancer that can be found in men, but at an older age than women.

The folks at Baylor Scott & White can't cure Jennifer's cancer, but they are trying to slow it down. Now, Jennifer's life is all about making memories with the time she has left.

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