How big is your tax refund going to be? You might want to think about investing in a new home.

This little Texas house only has 55 bedrooms but dog-gone-it, it could still be a nice starter house for the right family.

Everyone thought the 60,000-square-foot place, located near Houston suburb Pearland, was sold in October. A contract was signed and everything. But then the city of Manvel annexed the site.

According to Chrone and Exquire, it seems the potential new owner had planned to make it a group home, but when the place was annexed it was zoned as a residential area. The potential owner would have to go through a zoning change, and I guess he didn't want to bribe any officials... allegedly. So it's back on the market. Come on people. Never been lived in. Still has that new 9-car garage smell to it. Just $3.5 million is the asking price.

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