This is what would happen if the Pina Colada Song were reality. You know the song "Escape" by Rupert Holmes.   The one where the guy sets up a date with somebody he found in a personal ad. 

He reads the ad while his woman is laying next to him sleeping, and he decides to answer it. They set up a meet and it turns out the woman he meets is his "own lovely lady", she wrote the ad. Surprise!



What would you do if you discovered your love was trolling for chicks online?  What would he do if he found out you were trolling for dudes online?   Would you both laugh about it and live happily ever after?  I don't think so.


It would probably go more like what happened with 39-year-old Corinna Finney and 53-year-old Brian Waite of Wiltshire, England.  Their relationship was kinda falling apart, but they were still talking about their future, when Corinna found out Brian had put up a profile on an online dating site.


Say what!  "We are still technically together"!  So Corinna decided to get revenge.


Brian was out of his apartment all day on March 14th, so she called a moving company and had them clear everything out.  I mean everything, his clothes, food, the fridge, television, oven, cutlery, furniture, curtains,  even his carpet. (His carpet?)


When Brian got home, he called the cops.  They recovered a lot of his stuff, but not everything.  About $1,600 of it is still missing.


Corinna was arrested and charged with theft.  She was in court this week, and got community service and a fine.


Corinna told reporters, "I'm still not sorry, not in the slightest,  he got what he deserved."






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