How's the "working from home" thing going for you so far? Getting it done? Lots of people are working from home right now and with that comes a new form of self discipline. You know, the one where you try not to eat everything in sight. It's a tough thing to do and not everybody is capable of doing it. In fact, people are dubbing the weight gain as the "Quarantine 15." 15 pounds as we self isolate ourselves.

I found a pretty cool website that has a calculator to help you find out how much weight you might be gaining during this lockdown. It even gives you tips on how to avoid the "Quarantine 15" and a suggested "Snack Plan' to help you out as well.

I'm actually on pace to gain about 25 pounds if I keep up the current

Click this Zippia link to visit the website and see how much you could gain.

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