Summer is just around the corner. It's good to know how your favorite treat is made before you buy it to cool down.

As a kid I always loved Ice Cream Sandwiches. I had no idea what they were made of. My friends all said it wasn't real ice cream. I didn't care. They were great.

You'd open the wrapper and place your fingers on the chocolate outside. You had to make sure you had a good grip, because, and here's the trick, you couldn't move those fingers. Body heat would instantly begin to melt the chocolate and it would seal on your fingers. You take a bite of one end, then reverse and take a bite off the other until the sandwich was gone.

After it was done you would spend at least 15 minutes trying to get the chocolate off your finger tips.

These days I'm lazy. I go for the ice cream cones with the chocolate surprise at the bottom of the cone. Less mess, and that chunk of chocolate is a great way to end the treat.

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