This is how Big Q used to make a living.

When you watch this video, remember the guy in the beginning with the metal fork that was pulling out the back fat from the container. That was just one of my jobs.

This process is a little more automated from my time. We used to have to put the hot dogs on a rack ourselves -no machine. Sometimes the casing would explode and liquid dog would splatter onto the floor. Even though we worked in a refrigerator that was cooled to 40-45 degrees, after an 8 hour day, those splattered dogs would create a special smell. It was so rank that it took me 6 years before I could even stomach to cook a hot dog in the microwave again. Those were healthier times for sure.

I watch this when I'm having a bad day. This helps me remember that things could be worse, because they have been. Thank God for radio.

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