While the COVID-19 pandemic has many Americans missing the much needed distraction that is sports, the NFL is at least doing their part to keep us entertained even if no one is actually on the field playing.

The NFL opened its door for business as the new league year started with 2 huge transactions involving the 2 NFL teams here in Texas, the Texans and Cowboys. So bear with us as we take a break from the virus news and talk about sports.

According to ESPN, The Texans in a shocking move traded away, arguably, their second best offensive player, All-Pro star wide receiver Deandre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals for injury prone running back David Johnson and a second round pick.

Safe to say that Texans fans are currently LIVID with this decision on social media.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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Meanwhile, up in Dallas, the Cowboys who are still in negotiations on a long term deal with QB Dak Prescott, have placed the exclusive franchise tag on the QB, the team announced Monday also according to ESPN.

Tagging Prescott means that he can't talk to any other teams and the move gives the Cowboys until July 15th to work out a long term deal with him. If the two sides can't reach an agreement by then, Prescott would have to play under the tag (if he chooses to sign it) which could pay him $30 to $33 million dollars this season.

So, sports fans, lets argue since we have nothing else really to talk about.

Do you think the Texans trading Hopkins was the right move? And do you think the Cowboys and Dak will get a deal done before the season starts?



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