The fourth largest city in the country just made a huge announcement.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the city of Houston, along with all of Harris County, are poised to stop clogging the court system with pot arrests that are below 4oz.

If you get caught riding dirty with less that 4oz of "the weed" you will no longer be arrested. That is, as long as you agree to take a four-hour drub education class.

The policy is set to take effect on March 1st. District Attorney Kim Ogg said the county spent around $25 million a year for the past 10 years locking people up for these minor pot amounts. She said that money could've been spent on arresting more serious criminals.

"We have spent in excess of $250 million, over a quarter-billion dollars, prosecuting a crime that has produced no tangible evidence of improved public safety," Ogg told the Chronicle. "We have disqualified, unnecessarily, thousands of people from greater job, housing and educational opportunities by giving them a criminal record for what is, in effect, a minor law violation."

So if you get caught with less then 4oz of weed, as long as you agree to the four hour class, there will be no arrest, so no arrest record; no court date, so no court documents. The police will seize the little amount of pot, hold on to it, then drop it off at the police station at the end of their shift.

Since there's no paperwork involved. Surely this will not be an issue at all.

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