Question: Do you love eating potato chips but HATE the greasy residue you get on your fingers?

Problem solved!

A Japanese company has invented a way to let us drink them. It’s a gadget called the Poterapper. It doesn’t turn potato chips into an actual liquid form. It gives the user a way to shove potato chips into their mouth with ease. The Poterapper is a total of three pieces and that, plus a pair of scissors, is all you need to have in order to use this. Plus, it's super easy to use. Here's a quick instruction.

Step One: You crush your potato chips in the bag.
Step Two: Cut a corner of the bag open and attach the Poterapper spout.
Step Three: Pour chips directly into your mouth and enjoy!

Greasy finger problem solved.

The poterapper can also be used on bags of candy or popcorn. Let's hope it makes it's way to America quickly, before our greasy finger problem gets outta control!

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