UPDATE: The City of Belton has created a page detailing the renaming process from beginning to present: beltontexas.gov/confederatepark.

"The page explains how the process got started and gives a brief explanation of what occurred at each public meeting," Paul Romer with the City of Belton wrote in an email Wednesday. "It includes links to staff reports, PowerPoints and audio of public meeting comments by the public and City Council."

Responses to the renaming have been mixed, but so far the most popular renaming choice among our audience seems to be "Veterans Park".


Back in late July, Belton decided to rename Confederate Park. Now we know the five choices they are looking at.

The Killeen Daily Herald reported that Community, Fellowship, Liberty, Unity, and Veterans are the five names being considered for what is currently know as Confederate Park. The Belton parks board have submitted the five possible names to the Belton City Council, who will make the final decision. Liberty and Unity were the two names the parks board preferred.

A 10 member committee originally came up with 35 name suggestions before narrowing it down to the five that were presented. Some of the names that didn't make the top five include Citizens, Freedom, United, and U.S. Veterans Memorial. All good choices.

Belton parks board’s chair said of those involved in the renaming process,

“I just wanted to thank each of you for your involvement … And for the communication we’ve had,” Pearson said. “We’re an appointed board. There’s an opportunity for us to say what we want, but really the most important thing for us was getting true feedback from the very people that are going to be using the park.”

Belton City Council expects to have a decision on the new name in September.

Out of the five choices, which name do you like? Do you agree with renaming the park in the first place? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.

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