O.K. It's that time of year again where cooking creates heat that we don't need. So break out the crock pot baby!

This lady in the video intrigues me. She's always whispering. I'd understand if she was cooking in the nude, but she's not. So that tells me she scared of something, or is it, someone?

I don't normally watch the whole video from start to finish without skipping ahead, but I watched this one because I thought for sure some fist were going to come flying into the screen.

"Frito Pie? In the Summer? KICK< PUNCH> POW!"

I thought maybe this was some fetish crock pot snuff film. The lady has a tough time with math. I mean simple math.

"How many hours has it been cooking? Stumped, aren't you? Yea. Too many shots to the head maybe?"

Turns out no. She has children. I'm told they suck the life out of you. Or, at least the ability to tell time.

"Don't wake the baby! What time is it? What's my name? Am I happy?"

Enjoy the cooking. The plating needs a lot of work though.


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