My weekend TV binge watching plans just got a bit more interesting, as HBO has announced that it will offer 500 hours of free streaming of some of its programs.

500 hours should keep me plenty busy during the weekend isolation period. Up to now, I've done a pretty good job of watching movies and series that I've wanted to watch but haven't had time to. In fact, I feel like I've watched Netflix from front to back. I've been wondering what else I can watch that I haven't seen yet, and now I can finally answer that question. HBO.

I may be one of the last people that haven't seen The Sopranos, yet but that will change this weekend. This may also be a great time for you to catch up on plenty of HBO binge worthy viewing as well, like True BloodBallers, or even Silicon Valley.

In addition to series, HBO will also be streaming lots of free movies to catch up on. It's all available on HBO and HBO Go.

Enjoy your weekend, and happy streaming!

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