Creepy new footage from a room at the notoriously haunted Historic Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas seems to show a doll moving on its own before falling over.

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Historic Jefferson Hotel

Quick history of the Jefferson Hotel According to their website, the inn was built in Jefferson near the Louisiana border in the 1850s.

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The hotel was originally a cotton warehouse before eventually evolving into a speakeasy during the Prohibition era, then calling itself The Crystal Palace.

Guests and staff have reported strange and haunting phenomenon over the years, prompting the Jefferson Hotel to take on the trademarked title of "The Worlds Most Haunted Hotel."

"The Worlds Most Haunted Hotel"

The Historic Jefferson Hotel has embraced its haunted past and even advertises overnight stays in their rooms that have seen the paranormal.

The Historic Jefferson Hotel even has its own YouTube channel for videos of the strange events that have been caught on camera. They can now add one more video to their lineup.

Room 14 - Dolls 'N' Stuff

The latest in paranormal activity from the Jefferson Hotel comes from Room 14 Dolls N Stuff.

A guest was staying in the hotel and set up a camera to try and film some paranormal activity. The camera caught some strange activity for sure.

The video seems to show a doll in the room slowly lean forward before falling over. The narrator of the video seems pretty convinced that it's definitely proof of paranormal activity. Coast to Coast AM has the video and a few more details about the video.

Below is some footage of dolls that are scattered around the hotel. That alone is creepy.

What do you think? Does this evidence convince you? Would you book a room here?

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