We got rid of the sticker now we're close to getting rid of the whole process.

Texas has been 1 of just 15 states that have continued to have a state vehicle inspection requirement since the federal mandate ended in 1976. Texans have been held hostage by inspectors since 1951.

The Houston Chronicle reports that on Thursday, May 4th, the force was with the people of Texas, as the State Senate voted to drop state inspections by a vote of 27-4. It was Senate Bill 1588.

Commercial vehicles will still be subject to inspection, and vehicles in 17 counties deemed to have air-quality restrictions would still have to pass an emissions test.

The savings won't be that great to Texans (around $7 per person on average), but it would save a lot of worry over wondering if the only vehicle you can afford is going to get a 'nay' from the inspector, meaning you're suddenly faced with a massive repair bill.

Of course, oppenents of the bill fear that Texas' roads will be filled with tons of vehicles that are unsafe. Other states don't seem to have that issue, but it bears monitoring.

If the House passes the bill, the change would take effect in March of 2018.

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