H-E-B announced through it's social media that the 'Texas Proud' pay raise they gave their employees in March will be permanent as a way to say "Thank You."

According to KCEN, the pay raise was a $2 per hour raise for more that 120,000 hourly employees, and will go down as the largest pay raise in H-E-B history.

An announcement on the H-E-B website says, "We believe this crisis will be around for an indeterminate amount of time and our goal is to reward our Partners for their hard work and dedication with more than temporary bonuses.”

It doesn't stop their either as H-E-B said that they will also make Martin Luther King Day an official paid holiday for it's employees.

Additionally, they are extending medical leave for employees and say partners diagnosed with COVID-19 will be paid as they stay home to recuperate.

Nice job H-E-B. This is truly an example of how a company should take care of its employees.

H-E-B has also announced it is following all precautions and issued a mandatory mask ordinance in all of its Waco stores. The company says it will require masks in all locations where mask ordinances are in effect to protect the health and safety of employees and customers.

Since the pandemic began, H-E-B has had specific managers in each store whose job is to ensure sanitation and proper social distancing protocols are followed and to help employees keep themselves safe.

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