Fingers crossed that grocery delivery service becomes something that all H-E-B stores will soon be offering!

For now Texas residents in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin can now get their H-E-B favorites delivered to their front door within an hour, thanks to the Instacart app.

H-E-B has detailed the delivery zones on their website, and you can already see the coverage areas in Austin, and Houston by clicking here.

The website is not clear on a delivery charge per say, but it does advertise a coupon for free delivery on your first order over $10 from H-E-B.

We hope to see the service expand further into central Texas and Bell County. Delivery service from H-E-B sounds like a huge time saver! Delivery charge or not, We'd be using this service all the time. What's better than shopping H-E-B? Having H-E-B shop for you and bring it to your front door. Yes!!

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