H-E-B tops the list as Food & Wine magazine's best supermarket in the country.

A well deserved honor for a supermarket that has really done a great job serving Texans. David Landsel, who writes for Food & Wine says, "What was already good - the affordable prices on a wide range of high-quality own-brand products, the in-store tortillerias, the excellent curbside pickup program - seemed even more important now."

H-E-B has been the go-to place for groceries since my family and I got to Central Texas in the summer of 2017. It's been three years now, and over the last 4 to 5 months, H-E-B has proven why they are the country's best supermarket. They take care of their customers and their employees.

Plus, I love their pre-made meals. The chicken & bacon mac & cheese is the bomb.

So congrats to H-E-B for being named Food & Wine magazine's best supermarket in the country. Trader Joe's, Costco, and Whole Foods ain't got nothing on you.

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