Temple Police arrested a teenager Friday who fired a gun at two people sitting inside a car watching little league games at Wilson Park back in April. The person in custody is identified by KWTX as Deante Amari Spencer of Marlin. He is 19-years-old.

Spencer is being charged with charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He fired his weapon into the driver's side window of the occupied car. The bullet broke the glass which injured the person in the driver's seat. The bullet ended up in the door on the opposite side of the vehicle. Wilson Park is located at 2205 Curtis B Elliot Drive in Temple.

The individuals in the vehicle sped away and ended up running into another vehicle. News 10 reports that two men approached the parked car and tried to get in. When they could not gain access, the 19-year-old fired his weapon at the people inside. The gunman and the other suspect fled in another vehicle that was soon found in an alley nearby.

It is not clear which teams played baseball as the shooting happened. No players or fans near the diamond where injured.

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