If you're going to have a Texas Road Trip, then you need to know about a few small attractions in between the big city stops. Here's a few that you might want to visit. Each giving you a piece of what it means to be in Texas.

  • World's Largest Bowie Knife

    Bowie Texas

    This little dandy is 20-feet-long. Yes, now that is a knife.

    Find it on the northbound side of US 81/E. Wise St., at the east edge of town.

  • Dino Bob

    Abilene Texas

    Dino Bob was designed by Bob "Daddy-O" Wade. It originally sat atop the roof of a parking garage overlooking Abilene's highbrow Grace Museum. But it didn't look good to people who use their noses as view guide. They tried to kill him, but alas, the children of Abilene saved him. He was moved to another roof overlooking the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature.

    Find Bob at 133 Cedar St.in Abilene.

    Via Google Maps
    Via Google Maps
  • Inner Space Caverns

    Georgetown Texas

    There were a lot of people "discovering" things in the 60's. The majority of it was being inhaled of course. But in Georgetown, simple roadwork uncovered this road side gem.

    Some of the caves featured are the "Lake of the Moon," and the "Flowing Stone of Time.

  • Dead Man's Hole

    Marble Falls Texas

    Discovered in 1821 by Ferdinand Leuders, a bug guy, observing nocturnal insects. It's 7 feet in diameter and is about 15 stories deep.

    After the civil war, the South was not a safe place for those damn Yankees. Especially the ones trying to take advantage of a defeated nation. It's said the Union sympathizers were either killed on the spot, or given a "fair" trial then killed and tossed in the hole. It's thought that 17 bodies are resting at the bottom of Dead Man's Hole.

    They've since covered the hole with a metal slab, with a round hole to look down into the darkness. Pity, would be a great chance to drop a drone down there.

    Instructions to Dead Man's Hole is as follows...I-35 exits 230 or 231. Drive west on Hwy 71 for 40 miles, then turn right onto Hwy 401/Shovel Mountain Rd (If you reach the highway interchange for US Hwy 281 you've gone 1.5 miles too far). Drive north on Shovel Mountain Rd for two miles. You'll see the unpaved road leading to the Hole on the right.

  • Bronze Buc-ee's Beaver

    New Braunfels Texas

    If you've never been to a Buc-ee's, you're missing out on an experience. Either you'll love it, or find it a waste of space.

    In New Braunfels they have a giant Bronze Beaver outside to welcome you. Stop by, buy some peanuts for 10 bucks and take a photo.

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