Could Texas see expanded reopening soon? Looks that way.

As odd as it may seem, I've somewhat forgotten that Texas is still in lockdown mode with limited openings. I mean it seems like it's business as usual in most places I go. Even the restaurants I usually visit seem to have a full dinning rooms, although I do see empty tables for social distancing protocols. It's just the new norm, and I hardly notice it at all.

KCEN reports that Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted on Monday that things are looking good in Texas, and that he's hinted at more reopening plans.

That would be some welcome news for a lot of businesses throughout Texas that have had restrictions placed upon their ability to operate.

We haven't seen what the "next steps" would detail, but currently here in Texas, bars and clubs are still closed and restaurants can only have half their usual occupancy. That also includes hair and nail salons, churches, and retail stores.

Mask mandates are still in place, as are 6-foot social distancing protocols. Could that all be changing in the near future? Perhaps some of it, anyway. Social distancing protocols will probably be a part of our new norm for a while, even after COVID-19 is well behind us.

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