In-between protests, people have been hitting the Google. Here are the State-by-State results.

Estately has put together a map of each state's Google searches since the election of President Donald Trump. Amazingly, not everything has been about Trump since the election, although you can clearly see Trump's influence.

Via Estately
Via Estately

It seems that Texans had some of the most responsible searches, as they wondered whom President Trump was going to nominate to the Supreme Court.

Can't say that about some other states. For example, Oklahoma. More people Googled "What is NATO". Really?

For some reason, Arkansas was wondering how to build a wall. They do realize that they don't border Mexico right? Or do they hate Louisiana folks that much? Or is it Missouri?

Nevada wasn't pulling any punches. They Googled "Impeach Trump Petition" the most.

Oregon has been curious about Punching Nazi's. Odd choice.

Washington State has given up. They hit the Google the most about West Coast secession. HEY! That's a Texas thing. Stop stealing! It's the "12th Man" thing all over again.

No surprise that North Dakota was all about "Protest".

I like Iowa. Screw it, show me Russian Prostitutes.

South Carolina was curious about a "Pussy Hat".

Vermont and Arizona both focused on going to Canada.

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