It was like an episode of 'Housewives Gone Wild'...if there was such a show. They might not even be housewives. The ages of the accused have not been released as part of the original story.

KENS-TV reports that five women in an SUV led police on a high-speed chase early Monday morning.
The high-speed chase started around 2 am in downtown San Antonio when police tried to pull over an SUV that was driving recklessly. The driver of the SUV saw the police closing in and when they reached Somerset Road and Loop 1604 the driver hit the gas.

The chase lasted 20 miles and included some miscellaneous items thrown out the window along the way. Police will be going back to find those today. Eventually, the SUV started doing laps around a hotel parking lot near Cesar Chavez and South Santa Rosa. The SUV then crashed into the curb and the ladies made a run for it.

Perhaps there was one of those conversations like "If we all run in different directions, they can't catch all of us..."
Wrong. More than enough police had assembled because the hotel they were driving around was across the street from the public safety office.

After a chase of more than 20 miles, the SUV started going around in circles in the parking lot of a hotel near Cesar Chavez and South Santa Rosa.

The charges include evading arrest, speeding, reckless driving, and a possible narcotics charge.

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