I don't really know what a Furby is. I had stopped playing with toys in the 90s. But, If I hadn't stopped odds are I would've done this with it. 

This colossal waste of time was put together by Sam Battle of the YouTube channel LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER. The video shows his journey to complete his Furby dream of lining up a choir of Furby's and attaching their brains to an organ.

This is, I fear, a first step in this man's secret quest to hook up real humans to an organ.

Also, when playing with your own "organ", you really should pace yourself. If you "do it" too much you'll get bored and your warped brain will begin to think of other things to do. Hence, The Furby Organ.

Of course, the next step on his quest to the human organ, will be Teddy Ruxpins.

Go ahead, try to get that image out of your mind now.

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