I don't know what it is about dogs that we have such an amazing relationship with this species of animal. They must be hardwired to be our friends and companions  because they do such a great job of it. And the courtship it's not a long drawn out seduction, it's an immediate display of love and affection, one that tugs at our heartstrings instantaneously.

This is exactly how I met this week's Friday Furry Friend ISO a Fur-ever Home. This sweet dog named Trixie ran up to me in the studio, not knowING me from Adam or Walter Hetzel, and proceeded to fawn over me as if I was her long-lost best bud. See for yourself:

Temple Animal Services is located at 620 Mama Dog Circle in Temple, just off 31st Street and Avenue H. To learn about adopting this sweet dog or one just right for you and your family, click here for the City of Temple Website. They also have GIFT CERTIFICATES so your loved one can pick out the perfect pet of their own.

Be sure to listen in every Friday morning on K101.7 when Temple’s top Animal Services officer Walter Hetzel joins us in studio with another furry friend.

These segments each week are brought to you by Rescue Magazine which features the animals inside Temple Animal Services' facility and all of the animal shelters in Central Texas. Check them out at the Rescue Magazine's own website.

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