Ernie the dachshund is not the biggest dog we've ever had in our K101.7 studios on a Friday, but by ratio measurements he is one of the longest!

Try your best not to step on Ernie. That wouldn't be so nice. Not that you have many chances since he moves rather quickly for someone whose legs are so short.  He's quiet but he's totally fun! You'll like him.

Temple Animal Services is located at 620 Mama Dog Circle in Temple, just off 31st Street and Avenue H. To learn about adopting this dog or one just right for you and your family, click here for the City of Temple Website. They also have GIFT CERTIFICATES so your loved one can pick out the perfect pet of their own.

Be sure to listen in every Friday morning on K101.7 when Temple’s top Animal Services officer Walter Hetzel joins us in studio with another furry friend.

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