UPDATE: Well, it looks like the event's been postponed, folks. The City of Temple emailed shortly after 10AM to say Friday's wet weather has forced the City to delay the Imagine Downtown Community Block Party that had been scheduled for tonight. They're going to let us know when it's been rescheduled.

I can't help but feel like it's all my fault. I was so hyped about the free beer that I got the word out as frantically as I could. The rain gods heard about the bibulous block part blowout and decided to roll into town.

We'll update you when the City's decided on a new time and date. In the meantime, stay dry and have a beer at home.

City of Temple
City of Temple

City of Temple/Getty Images
City of Temple/Getty Images

Temple continues to grow both in terms of population and the local economy, and while new developments are popping up left and right, the City of Temple is trying to make sure Downtown Temple isn't forgotten.

As they make plans for improving and renovating Temple's historic downtown, city officials want to know what the good people of Temple think. Is there something about Downtown Temple that you really love? What would you improve and what needs to go?

To get the conversation going and get people out actually enjoying the city's downtown district, the City of Temple is hosting an Imagine Downtown Community Block Party at the Santa Fe Plaza starting at 6:00 PM Friday, April 30.

By the way, your eyes did not deceive you when you read the headline - there's gonna be free beer.

That's according to an email I received from the City of Temple this afternoon. There'll be free beer (and some other drinks) available while supplies last, along with a free live concert featuring beloved Texas artist Michael Carubelli.

There'll also be giveaways and some of your local favorite food trucks.

So, what's with the free party? Well, like I said, the City wants to encourage folks to get out and enjoy Downtown Temple and tell them what they would change or improve.

If you can't make it out to the block party but still want to contribute some ideas, you can fill out a Downtown District Survey online here. You can also send an email to npdnews@templetx.gov.

Temple's a great place to live, and it's going to take community members staying active and involved to keep it that way. Be sure to make your voice heard.

And hey, a free beer is pretty good incentive if you ask me!

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