A man in Central Texas is facing charges of stalking after police say an investigation revealed disturbing evidence at his home in Falls County.

Police Investigation Begins

The case first began on September 24th, 2022. According to a post from the Falls County Sheriff's Office, law enforcement received a notice from the Rosebud-Lott High School about an unnamed teacher who was receiving threatening emails.

After authorities were notified, the emails were examined and it was found that they'd been sent from a disguised IP address. Investigators were eventually able to determine where the messages were sent from, which put them on the trail of a suspect.

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The Individual In Question

On September 26th, Frank Stephen Salas was placed under arrest and charged with felony stalking.

The next day, September 27th, law enforcement entered Salas' house looking to gather more evidence related to the case.

As the story continues to develop, we will have more info when it becomes available.

Worrying Trends At Schools In Central Texas

While the suspect isn't a student, a case like this still brings to mind a disturbing trend we saw across Central Texas in the early days of the current school year.

Do you remember when rumors surrounded a Killeen middle school that many believed was under lockdown due to a shooting? Or how about when rumors of threats against a school in Waco caused a parent panic? Thankfully, those rumors were proven to be unfounded. Sadly, it turned out schools nationwide were receiving threats as part of a widespread hoax.

I commend school districts for taking these threats seriously, especially with the tragedy in Uvalde still on our minds. However, it's clear there's still a lot of work to do when it comes to keeping lines of communication open with parents. Just look at Midland, Texas, where parents are currently upset that they weren't notified about a potential threat until the day after.

I recently wrote a piece on Texas districts that have started taking phones away from students during the school day, and I asked the good people of Facebook what they think. The overwhelming response was that parents want their kids to have their phones handy so that they can easily stay in touch if there's an emergency.

Given everything happening lately, I don't blame them.

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