Fort Hood is offering soldiers a program that will give them a great start in life after the military.

Keep in mind that lots of soldiers enlist just out of high school or soon after they graduate. Joining the military is a great way to start your adult life, but what about when you're ready to get out? Now Fort Hood has a program that will help the soldiers once they are ready to leave the army.

Our news partners at KWTX are reporting on the program that former Fort Hood garrison commander, Matt Elledge helped come up with. Ellege, along with others, created the 18 week program after seeing the need for it while stationed at Fort Hood.

“I knew the programs we had on Fort Hood, I thought they were good programs. I just knew that there was a select population that wanted to be in the tech industry, or at least go see what it was like.” says Elledge.

Operation LevelUp will help soldiers learn how to code and help out with some life skills like interviewing for jobs and networking.

“I just hope to inspire other women and other Latinas and Latinos and other veterans to come in and try, see if they, see if they can open up that horizon and really see what tech can do.” said Laura Evans who credits the program for changing her life. She finished the program in 2020.

Elledge is always looking for ways to help soldiers make the transition for what comes after serving in the military. “We help them with their soft skills just to be able to tell their story as they head out into the industry, and look for that dream job that they’ve been looking for.”

Operation LevelUp is currently only offered to soldiers, but Elledge says they are hoping to expand that in the future.

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