Former Rosebud Police Chief, Quincy Lee, has landed in the clinker one more time.

Via McLennan County Jail
Via McLennan County Jail

The last time Mr. Lee was arrested, it for sexual harassment, and it cost him his job. KWTX is reporting that he was arrested again Thursday on one charge of indecency with a child.

When you get arrested you think..."Well, it can't get worse than this."

Turns out, in can get worse. It's sort of like when you have an argument/debate and you lose the moment you make a "Hitler" comparison. Well, when the police come calling and they claim you did things to a child, yea, you just got "Hitlered".


Falls County deputies picked up Lee, 40, Thursday morning at the Falls County Courthouse after he had a court appearance for separate charges.

It was reported that Lee was arraigned in Falls County and taken to their jail before being transferred and booked into the McLennan County Jail. He had a pre-set bond of $75,000.


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