Everyone has their favorite truck. I drive Chevy. Others drive Ford. Today Chevy wins.

Strong Pickup Truck Sales Power Ford To 63 Percent Rise In Q3 Net Income
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Here's a scenario for you. You save all your cash, all your coins, all your tips, and all your nip slips, then finally you have enough to put a down payment on a new truck.

Sure it's a Ford, but it's what you wanted, and now you can get it. Keep in mind Ford is a huge company that sell millions of vehicles. That's millions and millions of people whose inside voices said "Ford trucks". That means Ford is responsible for the lives of these millions and millions of people. That's a huge responsibility to have. Sure, they can't control the "stupidity" of people once they get into the truck (drunk driving, text driving, angry driving), but Ford should have a responsibility to put out a safe product. Alas...no.

CBS News reported that Ford has recalled around 1.26 million trucks in America, and around 221,000 trucks in Canada. The problem: transmissions could downshift on their own to first gear. Hold on to your ass.

The recall covers F-150 trucks from the 2011 through 2013 model years with six-speed automatic transmissions.

Ford says a glitch in sending a signal from the transmission speed sensor is the cause. They have five reports of accidents including one that caused a whiplash injury from a sudden downshift.

If you own a "winner" you'll be notified by letter starting March 4. Dealers will update the powertrain control software to fix the problem.

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