I'm sure you've all said it at one time or another.

"This would be so much more fun if it wasn't for all the people."

You can have the water fun you want with few people at Hancock Springs Pool in Lampasas.

It's been around since 1911, originally with a gravel bottom but has since been paved over. It's a freshwater spring that upchucks cool water into the pool at the rate of 450 gallons per minute. You're more than welcome to bring floats and picnic baskets. And the water goes 8 feet deep in the center.

You can find Hancock Springs Pool in Hancock Park. U.S. 281 South in Lampasas. Admission is $3.50 for everyone 13 and up. $2.50 for kids 3-12 and seniors over 55.

Find out more at 512-556-40-48 on online at Lampasas.org

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