Sadly, KXAN is reporting that a father has died defending his daughter against her boyfriend.

According to Austin police, the father, Eric Garcia, died Thursday after an altercation with Jamie Apodaca, 24.

Mr. Garcia confronted Apodaca in the Garcia home on March 23rd. Apodaca had been staying there for about 10 days, and, according to the arrest warrant, Apodaca had yelled at the daughter calling her derogatory names. He also accused her of cheating. He then punch the daughter and Mr. Garcia.

The fight moved outside of the home where Mr. Garcia received a skull fracture, intracranial trauma, and a herniated brain. He was taken to the hospital, but died because of his injuries.

Apodaca  was initially charged with aggravated assault, assault, and evading arrest. Expect more charges to levied now that the man has died.

Time to drop the hammer on this one, me thinks.

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