It seems, in Texas, the "Speed Demon" prefers a motorcycle.

Chron is reporting that the biggest speeders for 2016 got nabbed in Coryell County on U.S. 190.

The posted speed limit on the stretch of highway is 60 mph. A 2006 Suzuki motorcycle got shot with the radar gun at 209 mph.

But wait, there's more. Not to be outdone, but a 2007 Suzuki motorcycle was clocked at 167 mph, also on Highway 190 for the second fastest speeding ticket in 2016 in the lone star state.

It beat out the fastest car by six mph. In Hartley County, on U.S. 87, a 2007 Audi was clocked at 161 mph.

Data was shown that troopers issued 9,821 tickets with alleged speeds of 100 mph or faster. Yes, in case you were wondering, those number are up substantially higher from 2015, where troopers issued 6,883 tickets of 100 mph or faster.

It seems the tickets are not working. But at least they're making money.

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