People fear the days are numbered for a famous Texas tree.

Courtesy of KWTX
Courtesy of KWTX

KTWX reports that San Saba's majestic oak tree, dubbed the Wedding Tree due to all the weddings that have been held beneath its branches, has lost a limb.

Legend has it that Native Americans were even performing wedding ceremonies beneath it long before European settlers came to the area.

Experts at Texas A&M estimate that the tree is more than a thousand years old. It's base is nearly 20 feet in diameter, and the limb that fell off is more than ten feet in diameter. The appearance of the tree is now changed forever and people fear that it's going to die.

Of course, it's been around much longer that we have, so you have to believe it knows what it's doing. After all, everyone needs to lose some weight every once in awhile.

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