The Russians are attacking us via hacking (just kidding, maybe?). Don't make it easy. Family Tree Now has all your information on a free website. Here's how you can get off of it. You're not paranoid. They are tracking you.

It's under the guise of a "Family Tree" sight but the information they have on you is scary. And for my case, wrong. I spent two weeks in Cincinnati and they've got me living there for two years.

The web site is Family Tree Now. They have one of the largest collections of genealogy records on the web and you can search for free. Let me rephrase. You can search for anyone for free. You trying to avoid a stalker? They can find anything and everything about you with this website.

Here's how you can get off it. Tell everyone you can about this.

1) Find yourself on the website
2) Go all the way down to privacy at the bottom of the page and click the link
3) Scroll  down that page until you see a blue hyperlink that says opt out here
4) Search your information, once you find it click view details and then the next page will have a red button that says  opt out here.

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