I still don't understand this. I must be the only one since it continues to happen each year.

Come Sunday morning at 2 a.m. we turn the clocks back an hour. Why. Who the hell knows?

Sure it makes it a little brighter in the morning, but now it'll be darker at night. What would you rather have I guess.

If you've got kids waiting for a bus, then, yes, more light would be nice for you.  If you travel to work and the sunrise is blasting you right in the face, then please make it darker.

It seems that people think you need to manipulate time so you can have more time under the sun in the summer. Thanks melanoma. Then you can fall back in the winter because who wants to be outdoors in the frigid winter. Fine for people up near the Canadian border, but for those of us down here by the equator, winter in more of state of mind then a season.

Would you like to see this crap end? Or do you use this event to make sure you smoke detectors, and other things have new batteries.

It's the future. Just tell Siri, or Alexa, or whatever government eavesdropping device you have to remind you to change the batteries on the smoke detectors on November 4th.

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